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When We Pray

Devotional for Tuesday, January 02, 2018
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Daniel 10 tells the story of how Daniel's prayers ascended to heaven for three weeks with no apparent answer. Yet at the end of those three weeks Gabriel explained to Daniel that a great battle had been going on over the mind of Cyrus. The good angels attempted to drive the evil angels back so that Cyrus could make the right decision. As Daniel prayed, the battle raged until finally, Jesus came down, and beat the evil angels back. Daniel's intercessory prayer proved effective.

     When we pray as did Daniel it enables God to do more than He could have done before. God has voluntarily chosen to limit Himself in the great controversy between good and evil. He has chosen not to violate human will. When one human prays for another it enable Him to work more dramatically than He otherwise could. Prayer allows God to work more powerfully than He could if we did not pray.

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FROM Persuasion by Mark Finley, p. 82.

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