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God's Purpose in Calamities

Devotional for Monday, February 05, 2018
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What mean the awful calamities by sea - vessels hurled into eternity without a moment's warning? What mean the accidents by land - fire consuming the riches that men have hoarded. The plagues of God are already falling upon the earth, sweeping away the most costly structures as if by a breath of fire from heaven. Will not these judgments bring professing Christians to their senses? God permits them to come that the world may take heed.

     God has a purpose in permitting these calamities to occur. By unusual workings through nature God will express to doubting human agencies that which He clearly reveals in His Word. By them He seeks to arouse men and women to a sense of their danger.

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FROM Your Future Is Safe With God by Ellen G. White, pp. 23, 24.

For more information on this book: www.adventistbookcenter.com/your-future-is-safe-with-god-help-in-daily-living.html



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