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Midnight Walk

Devotional for Sunday, February 10, 2019
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We walked about four miles to a park.  By the time we had gotten to the park, it was about midnight.   I attempted to run away from them, but they ran after me, captured me, as one held on to the left arm and the other on the right arm.  They forced me to the middle of the park and then stopped.  I thought this was the end, so I started to pray and submit my life into the hands of God.  I anticipated a knife stab or a shot.  I closed my eyes and started to pray.

Three minutes went by, nothing happened, six minutes, nothing happened, ten minutes, nothing.  Then, my cousin broke the silence saying, Look, we saw what happened to you.  We saw how everyone humiliated you, spit on you, and beat you.  Why?  You are either crazy to go through what you went through or you have something we’d like to have too.

That night, I experienced the joy of waiting on God and watching what He does!

God always awakens in the hearts of people an interest in Him as they see others go through difficult times an yet stand firm for the Lord.


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FROM Out of Babylon by S. Joseph Kidder, p.48, 51

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