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Sorrow and Joy

Devotional for Wednesday, March 07, 2018
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Is it possible to hold sorrow and joy in your heart at the same time? I believe it is. Further, I believe it is necessary to do so in order to live fully. Both sorrow and joy are essential elements to a full life. Since deep sorrow rarely leaves completely, we must learn to embrace both sorrow and joy simultaneously or we will have one and not the other.

My love for God and my love for Gayle have brought me to a renewed commitment. I vow to live my life fully. I pledge to feel the depths of sorrow even as I love deeply, laugh with total disregard for propriety, minister with the fierce love of Christ, sing off-key with gusto, and dance embarrassingly for joy. I vow, by the mercies of Christ and with loving respect for Gayle, to live fully!

Sorrow and joy have kissed. Each is an essential element to life here and now. But one day, only joy will remain. How I long for that day!

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FROM Tears to Joy by Mike Tucker, Ref: pp 72,73

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