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Intentional Prayers

Devotional for Wednesday, May 16, 2018
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As I saw how prayer changed things, and people, or brought peace in tough times, I wanted to pray more. But how do you pray without ceasing when you have so many things to do? It wasn't like I could just stay on my knees all day. I knew that it wasn't the position of my body that made prayer powerful; it was the position of my heart and the God who heard those prayers.

So I looked for reminders to pray throughout my day. Folding laundry or cleaning the house became opportunities to pray for my family. As I found myself worrying about something or someone, I turned those fears into prayers. In fact, I often tried to turn my thoughts into an ongoing conversation with God. It not only helped me pray intentionally but it reminded me that He was with me all the time.

Intentionally praying, seeing God answer, and learning more about Him through prayer, has caused me to want to continue to grow my prayer life. Seeing God caring about my friends and the things--big and small--that concern me, has made Him feel close. Like the friend He wants to be.

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FROM Teach Us to Pray by Tamyra Horst, pp. 30, 31

For more information on this book: www.adventistbookcenter.com/teach-us-to-pray-women-s-sharing-book-2017.html



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