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It's Never Too Late

Devotional for Sunday, June 18, 2017
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Do you get discouraged when you don't see results? When you try to serve God faithfully, yet feel that He hasn't responded? Are the years rushing by, just as they did for Anna? She knew that 84 wasn't too old for God to do something exciting for her. She knew that years of faithfulness would be rewarded. Indeed, Anna's long vigil in the Temple was its own reward, for she spent that time in the presence of God, learning to love Him and worship Him.

     Yes, she was waiting - but not in discouragement and not without hope. She was waiting with the secure knowledge that God would fulfill His promises - and that it would never be too late. If you've ever felt that it was "too late" for God to work in your life, take heart! He's there. He's working, even if His efforts take place quietly behind the scenes. If, like Anna, you learn to live in His presence and experience His love, you'll know it's never too late.

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FROM Daughters of Grace by Trudy Morgan-Cole, p. 82.

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