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Unshakable Faith

Devotional for Wednesday, October 25, 2017
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John Huss's mother prayed for him and taught him the eternal principles of the Bible early in life. She understood that God had a special purpose for him. While still a lad, he and his mother left their native village of Husenic in southern Bohemia and made the arduous journey to Prague. As they approached the city, his mother paused on an isolated forest pathway and earnestly prayed, asking God to keep her son faithful to Him.

     His mother's prayers were answered. John Huss never wavered from his faithfulness to Christ and His Word. Little did John's mother know as she knelt in the quietness of her forest cathedral that God would use her son to change the world! [Never underestimate the power of a praying parent!]

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FROM Unshakable Faith by Mark A. Finley, pp. 34, 35.

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