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Repairing the Breach

Devotional for Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Many Christians do not recognize that there is a deeper cause of many of their struggles. They do not recognize that Satan has snuck in through a back door and is binding them with his chains of deception. Thankfully, Christ came to set the captives free, to make our crooked ways straight, and to break apart the chains that bind us (see Isaiah 58:6 and Isaiah 45:2).

     As we recognize that the enemy is trying to weaken our spiritual fortresses so he can overcome us, we should prayerfully ask the Lord to search our hearts. Before we can move forward effectively by repairing the breaches in our spiritual walls, we have to know exactly where the holes are and what access points he has into our lives. Praying Psalm 139:23, 24 will help show us where to look.

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FROM Daring to Ask for More by Melody Mason, p. 132.

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