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Wait on God!

Devotional for Sunday, December 03, 2017
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How hard it is to wait on God! It is easy to think we are losing time if we wait on the Holy Spirit for power. So, too often we go to work for God without first receiving an unction from God. But there is no use to run before one is sent, no use to labor without unction. Many are in too much of a hurry to wait for the heart preparation supremely needed.

     Our temptation is to perpetual activity, to the exclusion of time needed for prayer, study, and spiritual meditation. Men are dying, and we face the last crisis; so we work on frenziedly, much like the toiling disciples who labored all night and caught nothing. But in the early gray of the dawn, a few minutes in the direct presence and under the specific direction of the Master filled their empty nets. I am persuaded that this is our colossal blunder. We are not to "go" until we are endued. God can do more through us in five minutes when we are endued than we can do in a week alone.

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FROM Coming of the Comforter by LeRoy E. Froom, pp. 92-94.

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