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Through His Matchless Grace

Devotional for Wednesday, December 06, 2017
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"During the years since Joseph had been separated from his brothers, the sons of Jacob had changed in character. Envious, turbulent, deceptive, cruel, and revengeful thay had been; but now, when tested by adversity, they were shown to be unselfish, true to one another, devoted to their father, and, themselves middle-aged men, [still] subject to his authority." (PP, 225).

     People can change. Hearts can soften. New directions can be taken. Miracles of grace can happen. The most unlikely candidates for the kingdom can become rightful candidates through Jesus Christ and His patience, His love, His matchless grace. This is why we must always look upon others with eyes open to what they can become. As long as life lasts, people have the potential of becoming what God wants them to become through His blessed Son.

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FROM Blessed are the Unlikelies by Philip W. Dunham, p. 45.

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