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He Loves and Cares for You

Devotional for Thursday, December 06, 2018
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Can you see how pregnant the moment was? The great controversy's defining moment was at hand, yet Jesus suspended the proceedings for a moment so He could see Mary. Her comfort, her heartbreak, was so significant to Jesus that He placed His role in the salvation story on hold so He could give her good news! . . . But even at this time, with so much at stake, Jesus was still perfectly attuned to His followers. His heart was always bent to the cries of one who truly loved and sought Him.

Knowing I serve a God who will stop everything to see about me is wonderful! There is no crisis so urgent, no matter so pressing, that He will ignore the matters weighing on my heart. This story shows me that Jesus truly loves and cares about me. . . .

When we are in distress, Jesus is attentively dialed in to us. He never ignores or turns a blind eye. He was not willing to allow Mary to grieve one more moment that He could prevent. He paused His sacrifice to dry her tears, and while she runs to deliver the message He finishes the transaction with His Father.

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FROM Pursued by Lola Moore Johnston, pp. 74, 75

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