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Watching and Waiting

Devotional for Thursday, December 21, 2017
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The angels were amazed at the plan to save humankind. They watched to see how those who claimed to follow God would accept God's Son, when He looked just like one of them.

     They couldn't believe it! How could these people - the ones God had chosen to tell the world about Him - not even care about the arrival of Jesus? At the temple, the priests sacrificed a lamb every morning and evening. These services pointed to the day when Jesus, the Lamb of God, would come to save His people. Yet none of the priests in the temple were preparing to meet Him. Across the whole land, people seemed to care only about getting more of what they wanted. None of the joy of heaven reached them. Only a few people waited and hoped that the Messiah would come soon. To those people, God sent angels with a message.

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FROM Messiah by Jerry D. Thomas, p. 13.

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