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Amazing Love

Devotional for Sunday, December 24, 2017
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When the angels disappeared, the light faded away, and the shadows of night fell once more on the hills of Bethlehem. But the shepherds couldn't forget what they had seen and heard. No humans had ever seen a more astounding sight. They said to each other, "Let's go and see this amazing thing that God has told us about." They hurried to town and found Mary and Joseph, and the Baby in the manger just as the angel had said. When they left, they were too happy to be quiet. They told everyone they met about the Baby.

     Heaven and earth are no farther apart today than they were on that night when shepherds heard the angels' song. In those days, God sometimes sent angels to speak to people as they worked in the fields. He is just as close to us today. As we go about our work, as we live according to His will, angels are with us every step of the way.

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FROM Messiah by Jerry D. Thomas, p. 29.

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