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What Child Is This?

Devotional for Monday, December 25, 2017
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When the agonized cries had ended, Mary gazed at her newborn Boy. He lay in a feeding trough cut from a stone shelf. Around them rank animal smells mingled with the sweet odor of oats and barley. Mary held Him close and kissed Him. "What's wrong?" Joseph asked.

     "If only we had traveled faster. We might have gotten a decent room. We might have had time for the midwife. . . "

     "We had to rest. You might have given birth on the way," he replied.

     She sighed. "I wanted everything to be perfect."

     "He's alive and healthy."

     "But here? With the animals? Joseph, do you know whose Son this is?"

     Joseph held her eyes a long moment. "Yes," he said finally, "I know who He is. And I know who we are also. We are doing our best."

     Mary turned her face away. "Oh, Joseph" she whispered. "What can He possibly do with such a beginning?"

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FROM Searching For a God to Love by Chris Blake, p. 141.

For more information on this book: www.adventistbookcenter.com/searching-for-a-god-to-love.html



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