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An Awesome God

Devotional for Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Most of my problems with God have been problems of limited perception. I don't see what He sees. I don't know what He knows. My timing is not His tming. He doesn't fit in a box, no matter what I want to call that box. He is greater, more loving, and more compassionate than anyone and anything. And now I know that I can't fully comprehend God. And I would rather have a big God like that. An AWESOME GOD!

I have come to fully believe that He wants the best for me, as soon as possible. And that is ALL I have. So, I have decided to trust His heart, which He fully revealed by dying on the cross for me. And I am an absolutely unworthy person, but I am saved because of Him.

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FROM Luke: Salvation for All by Elizabeth Viera Talbot, p. 24

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