In this exciting book, Bradley Booth has brought the story of David, the shepherd boy, to life. Your children can follow in David's footsteps in this action-packed book for kids.

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Bradley Booth
Bradley Booth loves to be with young people of all ages. Whether itís teaching in a College classroom, going snowboarding with his sonís high school class, or conducting a Week of Prayer for kids in an elementary school, itís all part of staying young at heart.

Bradley was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, along with his 7 brothers and sisters. His parents raised him to love the little country church school where he attended, and it was here that he first learned to write creatively. The Bible quickly became the source of his inspiration in story writing. He has published other titles, including, They Call Him the Miracle Man, Plagues in the Palace, and The Prodigal: A Tale of Two Brothers.

Bradley especially likes watermelon, football, and taking long Sabbath walks on cool autumn days. He is a wildlife artist, and is interested in archaeology, a subject that has contributed to his love for writing Bible narratives.

At present he loves being in the classroom with his education and psychology students at Atlantic Union College, in South Lancaster Massachusetts. In his spare time he travels and records with ONE VOICE, a menís a cappella evangelistic group.

Bradley believes that the real meaning of life is wrapped up in who Jesus is, and who we can become through Him. One theme permeates his writing style: to be, or not to be, a witness for Jesus, is not a choice. We are either a witness for Him, or we are a witness against Him. That is the only choice.