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Mike Jones
Mike Jones and his wife, Diane, live in Portland, Oregon where they head “Operation Reconnect,” a Voice of Prophecy ministry to inactive and former church members. Mike, himself, left the church for 16 years before returning.

Mike is a former editor of Insight magazine and has written four books. He has also pastored in Oregon and Alaska, and has been an associate ministerial director in the Southwestern Union Conference. Mike has degrees in English and journalism from Andrews and American universities. He and his wife enjoy cruising and fishing remote Oregon rivers. They have five children and eight-grandchildren.

He wrote his book, Sometimes I Don’t Feel Like Praying, as a legacy to his children and grandchildren, and especially for those like himself, who have left the church in times of discouragement.

Mike and Diane speak on such topics as reconnecting with inactive members and how to make your church more user friendly.