Join the Metro Singers as they majestically lift their voices in thanks and praise.

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Metro Singers
The voices of MetroSingers are united in harmony to provide choral music ministry. Directed by Myron S. Ottley, the group first emerged in 1999 for occasional performances, before officially becoming Metro16 in January of 2001. Out of Dr. Ottley’s quest for a richer and fuller sound, the ensemble of 16 has blossomed into the current MetroSingers, with 30-plus seasoned voices.

The group represents a small melting pot of cultural diversity with members who hail from North America, various islands of the Caribbean, South America, and the African Continent.

As part of the church family of the Metropolitan Seventh-day Adventist Church in Hyattsville, Maryland, MetroSingers is fully committed to the enhancement of its church, while embracing the community at large. The group’s unforgettable blend is assured to leave its audience wanting to hear more; but more importantly, the ministry of MetroSingers is aimed at strengthening the soul.