In Shawn Boonstra’s newest book, The Anatomy of Sin, he answers questions about the existence of the devil and the nature of temptation. In addition, you will discover how sin began, why it exists, and learn to defeat it in his in-depth look at this vital subject.

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Shawn Boonstra
Pastor Shawn Boonstra, a native of British Columbia, has served as speaker/director for It Is Written International Television since 2004. Pastor Boonstra made the decision to commit his life to gospel ministry after attending an It Is Written evangelistic series in the city of Victoria 12 years ago. In the last few years, Pastor Boonstra has held 21 major evangelistic series and written seven books. His clear grasp of Scripture and his warm, dynamic presentation style have been an inspiration to many. Pastor Boonstra, his wife Jean, and their two daughters live in Southern California.