The inspirational horse adventures of Jenny in the Sonrise Farm Series by Katy Pistole shares God's grace with kids.

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Jerry Thomas and Katy Pistole

Jerry D. Thomas and Katy Pistole both love writing for kids.

Jerry has written more than 30 books for children, including the popular Detective Zack series, Great Stories for Kids series, and Shoebox Kids series. After ten years as a book editor at Pacific Press, Jerry D. Thomas is now Communications Director for the Southwestern Union Conference. He and his wife, Kitty, live near Burleson, Texas. They have three children.

Katy Pistole is a new comer to book publishing. She recently published her fourth book as part of her Sonrise Farm series, which includes The Palamino, Stolen Gold, Flying High, and Morning Glory. She is is a homeschooling mom and tutor, creative writing instructor and horse trainer. She and her husband make their in Ashburn, Virginia with daughter Marianna, and son Charles.