These familiar and cherished hymns are played with passion, freshness and depth. The message of each song is delivered in a way which only Jaime can interpret only his beautiful voilin.

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Jamie Jorge
Jaime Jorge’s forceful, expressive mastery of the violin has delighted audiences around the globe. A committed Christian, Jaime has dedicated his unique talent to sharing God’s love through sacred/classical concerts and special appearances.

Born in Cuba in 1970, Jaime began violin studies at the age of five. When he was ten, Jaime’s family immigrated to the United States, and he began lessons with the eminent violinist Cyrss Forough, a student of the great David Oistrakh.

Since 1988, Jaime has traveled over a million and a half air miles. This versatile young man has performed in a multitude of settings—from high school auditoriums to the world-renowned Carnegie Hall! His music has blessed audiences across North, Central, and South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the former Soviet Union. Jaime averages over seventy-five concerts annually, performing for over half a million people each year—and as many as 44,000 in a single performance.

Jaime’s latest four albums—released in 1991, 1993, 1995, and 1996—have all won the prestigious Angel Award for “Instrumental Religious Album of the Year.” Two of these, At the Cross and I Am Not Worthy, were recorded in Europe with the Czechoslovak National Radio Symphony in Bratislava.

Following graduation from Loyola University in Chicago, Jaime was accepted into the University of Illinois medical school in Champaign/Urbana. But God had other plans for this gifted artist. “I love music!” Jaime says. “In fact, I often feel that instead of RBCs (red blood cells), I have tiny musical notes flowing through my veins. After months of praying and searching, a very clear signal came for me to leave medical school and go into music ministry full time.:

Two months after leaving the University of Illinois, Jaime took a bride. Emily, a graduate of Southern College, is a nurse and gifted singer. The newlyweds plan to be in ministry together—Jaime on the violin and Emily providing the vocals.

“I know I’m doing what I should be doing because of the way the lord has led me,” says Jaime. “With all this great inspiration, no wonder I’ve been able to release two new albums in the last year. God is good, and it’s good to do God’s will.”