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Christmas Special
The special guest for our program was CÚleste perrino Walker, who began publishing at the age of 21. She has written 15 books, including Prayer Warriors: the Final Chapter, Making the Holidays Special, More Power to Ya , Making Sabbath Special, I Call Him Abba, Guardians, Prayer Warriors, Playing God, Banza's Incredible Journey and Other Stories, and Jenny's Cat-napped Cat.

Celeste has published over a thousand stories and articles appearing in magazines like Liberty, Vermont Sports Today, Guide, Insight, Signs of the Times, Listen, Winner, Message, Popular Woodworking, American Woodworker, The Christian Communicator, Adventist Review, The Rutland Business Journal, and Prime Time. Currently she is a columnist for Vibrant Life magazine.

She has interviewed Kristi Yamaguchi, Donna Weinbrecht, Jack Hanna, Charlotte Lopez, Susan Ashton, Clay Crosse, Lisa Bevill, Paul Wylie, Ken Davis and Dallas Holm among others. In 1992 she was the recipient of the Guide Magazine Most Valuable Pen Award.

Celeste also founded Write On!, a company which mentors beginning (and experienced) writers providing them with publishing opportunities. Write On! also provides editors with a convenient database of writers and the assurance of quality control as each piece is edited by a managing editor before submission. When she isn't writing she enjoys hiking, inline skating, canoeing, painting and trying to play the violin. She makes her home in Rutland, Vermont with her husband Rob, their children Joshua and Rachel, and an assortment of furry, amphibious, and aquatic pets.

Music selections from this program were by the Carnies from their album A Carnie Christmas. Their album is available on our website or by calling our toll-free number.