From a tiny apartment in New York, to the stage with the Heritage Singers, to the arms of his real mother at last, John Lomacang may have been abandoned, but he was never alone. This unforgettable biography tells the story.

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John Lomacang
John Lomacang is a native New Yorker and a California resident since 1984. Life dealt John a harsh blow when, at the tender age of 3 months, he was abandoned by his parents. The babysitters where Johnís parents had left him became a surrogate family and raised him. It was in that home that music became a part of Johnís life. He played guitar and some piano. In his early teens he became involved in singing for the church prison ministry and later in church.

John received an Associates Degree in Electronics before continuing his education at Oakwood College and Valencia College in Orlando, Florida. Though he is an ordained minister, he has received no formal training in that area. Thatís another miracle, he says.

As a young man I heard about the Heritage Singers when I lived in Brooklyn, New York. I would always arrive early for their concerts and sit in the front row, enraptured during their concerts. It was a dream of mine to sing for them, but I never made the first move.

After marriage in 1983, the Lomacangs moved to Orlando, Florida where John became more involved in Christian music. On a Saturday evening, early in 1984, Johnís mother-in-law purchased a ticket to the Heritage Singers concert. Although I had a concert on that same evening, she insisted that I come to the concert for the second half. ĎI already purchased the ticket. You have to come!í That evening the door to the rest of my life opened wide. I had an opportunity to audition for Heritage and the rest is history. I have been singing with them since 1984.

John Lomacangís many gifts were presented on a world stage during the Net Ď99 satellite series, where he sang nightly for evangelist Doug Batchelor. As a result of this series, John has been receiving calls from all over the world to share his musical gift. I plan on expanding on that opportunity soon!