Using the “Elijah message” of Malachi 4:5, 6 as his foundation, O’Ffill shows that survival for our marriages and families depends on us allowing the life of Jesus to come into our own lives first, and form there it will permeate the entire household . . . one heart at a time.

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Richard O'Ffill
Pastor Richard O’Ffill is an author, revivalist and seminar speaker. Since 1988 his sermons have been distributed nationally and internationally by American Cassette Ministries. He is bi-lingual having worked five years in the South American Division. Because one of the Holy Spirit’s thrusts in the last days is to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers, the direction of his ministry has become basic.

Burning within him is a desire to see families restored by God’s grace. This will be accomplished as God’s people learn and exercise the fruit of the Spirit on a daily basis in their homes.

As a husband, father and grandfather, Pastor O’Ffill knows from experience that the Christian life must be lived at home. Because the church is an extension of the home, revival must start in the home before the church experiences it.

Richard O’Ffill has authored six books including the best seller, Lord Keep Your Mansions, Just Save My Children. He has written two books on prayer: Transforming Prayer and If With All Your Heart: A God-seekers Guide to Effective Prayer. Transforming Prayer and Lord, Keep Your Mansions have been translated into Spanish.

Pastor O’Ffill has worked on three continents and his ministry includes seven years at the General Conference. Richard is a sought after camp meeting, men’s retreat and revival speaker whose themes include prayer, men’s issues, the family and practical Christian living. He is often seen on 3ABN television and the Hope Channel and is host of a weekly interview program for 3ABN radio.

Pastor O’Ffill is the father of four grown children and is proud of his eight grandchildren. His wife Betty is a secretary for the Adventist Health System. They reside in Orlando, Florida.