Just as surely as Jesus spoke to Peter, or Martha, or a paralyzed man lying on a stretcher, He will speak to you. Author Jerry D. Thomas allows us to listen in on real conversations the Son of God had with ordinary people. People who struggled with the same issues we struggle with today.

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Jerry D. Thomas
"To me, the most powerful thing about writing is the chance to take something that is complex or confusing and help people understand it." This philosophy, perhaps fueled by his background in education, is what drives the writing of Jerry D. Thomas, author of more than twenty books.

Jerry started writing for children when his own children (Jonathan, Jennifer, and Jeremy) began to discover the joy of reading. "Living with three kids gave me a daily window into their world, and that's what writing for kids demands - the ability to see the world like a kid does. Or maybe it's a matter of never really growing up!"

After graduating with a degree in theology from Southwestern Adventist University, and a Master's degree in education from Andrews University, Jerry spent several years as a pastor and a teacher.

Today Jerry is the communication director for the Southwestern Union and the editor of the Record. Before this, he was a book editor at Pacific Press. Jerry is the author of Messiah, the modern language adaptation of The Desire of Ages, and of many children’s books including the Detective Zack series, the Shoebox Kids Bible Stories, and the Great Stories for Kids set. He and his wife Kitty live in Burleson, Texas. They have three grown children.