After the tragic deaths of her five children, Joy Swift shares the powerful life lessons that changed her from a victim to a victor through the power of Christ.

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Joy Swift
Joy Swift was born in Kansas City, Missouri and raised in the suburbs of Kansas City, Kansas. The third of four children, Joy knows all too well what its like to be a victim. For years her rage-aholic father took his rage out on her until she married at age 15.

Her husband, George, was her knight in shining armor. Twenty years older than Joy, George had already fathered three children. Two more daughters were born to them, bringing the family to seven in just three short years.

Their perfect lives began to crumble when Stephanie, the oldest child, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Three weeks into Stephanies battle, the other four children were murdered by a fourteen-year-old neighbor boy. Stephanie died 20 days later.

Alone, George and Joy began to search for God to ease the pain of their tragic loss. Joy began writing to try to make sense of the tragedy. Theyre All Dead, Arent They, was her first book, followed by others dealing with grief recovery.

The Swifts had three more children, born after the tragedy. Sandy, Matthew, and Michael (Cody) were raised in the shadow of their siblings deaths and grew up to be fiercely independent. They are now 26, 24, and 22, respectively.

Today, all of the Swifts are learning how to stop being victims of the past and to live like victors instead. It is an ongoing journey often with two steps forward and one step back. God works patiently with each of them as He heals their wounds.

Joys newest book is a journey toward healing as she reaches out to fellow victims. She wants all victims to know that our victory is not won when Jesus comes in the clouds to take us home. It was won on the other side of the cross. Our victory is now!