Born to Preach is the inspirational autobiography of evangelist Henry Feyerabend.

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Henry Feyerabend
Henry Feyerabend, married to Emma Martin, was born and raised on the Canadian prairie in Saskatchewan. After receiving his bachelorís degree in religion from Atlantic Union College in 1958 he spent the next 11 years in Brazil as a missionary. While in Brazil he began directing and singing with the Voice of Prophecy Quartet which broadcasted on 300 radio stations across Brazil. Soon after Henry became involved in television ministry and public evangelism, holding crusades in many of Brazilís major cities.

In 1969, Henry returned to Canada to work with George Vandemann, the founder and then speaker of the It Is Written telecast. In 1972, Henry received his masterís degree from Andrews University, and began a Portuguese broadcast on City TV in Toronoto. The telecast, which reached out to many of the Portuguese immigrants in the city, continued for 17 years. Henry also started a Portuguese church in downtown Toronto and a television studio in the basement of the College Street Portuguese Church which changed location over the years.

In 1978, he began broadcasting a program called Destiny in Toronto, Ontario that broadcasted in Canada and the United States. When George Vandemann retired in 1991, Destiny and It Is Written merged into one telecast. Mark Finley was chosen as the speaker and Henry as the associate speaker. The It Is Written broadcast is now broadcasting on more than 1,000 stations in Canada, as well as throughout the United States, Russia, India, Brazil, China and on the 3ABN network.

In recent years, Henry has conducted evangelistic crusades in Brazil, Canada, Portugal, Russia, and the United States. He is also the author of more than a dozen books, and due to his fascination with archeology, has been to the Middle East 14 times.