Jeremyís remarkable solo voice and music arrangements touch the soul.

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Jeremy Hall
Music has always been a part of Jeremy Hallís life. He was born into a singing family. His paternal grandparents took his father and their other six children on tour performing family musical programs. Family get-togethers were (and still are) cause for singing.

Jeremy grew up listening to his fatherís Kingís Heralds and Breath of Life Quartet albums. Just after this CD was released Jeremy received an invitation to join the Kingís Heraldís Quartet as second tenor, to replace Jerry Patten upon his retirement. Jeremy saw himself heading in a different direction with his vocal ministry and declined.

He holds a masterís degree in counseling from Andrews University, and is a Bible teacher and chaplain at Great Lakes Adventist Academy in Cedar Lake, Michigan. Jeremy and his wife, Donna, who plays the harp on this album, have two daughters, Olivia and Sofia who like to sing along with Daddy.