Ken Wade invites us to go on a spiritual adventure with Abraham--seeing life through his eyes, entering into his culture, and learning with him how to really walk with God.

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Ken Wade
Ken Wades current passion is mountain biking because it allows him to get out in a natural setting that demands concentration on what hes doing rather than mulling over the problems of the world. It helps him clear his mind, and beside that, its a lot of fun!

Ken has lived in many places and done a variety of things, but what he really enjoys is being able to put creative thoughts on paper in a way that will interest people and stimulate their thinking.

He took a double major in Theology and Biblical Languages at Walla Walla College, then got his M.Div. at Andrews University. After eight years in pastoral ministry, Ken joined the staff of Ministry magazine at the General Conference. Seven years later he accepted a call to the mission field. With his wife Debbie and their two sons, he spent the next four years traveling and teaching throughout Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam).

From 1994 to 1998 Ken was a book editor at Pacific Press, and currently he is a writer/producer for the radio and television ministry of Voice of Prophecy.