The Bible’s account of earth’s history does not mean that dinosaur bones are fake or that Creation week was millions of years long. You’ll love the many cool photographs in this book and the great charts in this biblically sound, scientifically accurate book.

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Elaine G. Kennedy, Ph.D.
Dr. Elaine Graham-Kennedy is a Seventh-day Adventist geologist who believes in the biblical account of Creation. She has spent her life studying issues of science and faith and has 14 years of field experience in Grand Canyon studying boulder beds and in Patagonia, Argentina where she studied dinosaur "nests."

Dr. Kennedy completed her doctorate at the University of Southern California in 1991 and currently serves as an adjunct professor at Southwestern Adventist University, teaching and researching dinosaur beds at a field camp in Wyoming.

Elaine has two daughters and currently resides in Riverside, California with her husband.