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Karl Haffner
Karl teaches, preaches, writes and still dreams of playing a game of golf with Tiger Woods (fat chance!). He is crazy about his wife Cherie and his daughters Lindsey and Claire. He also loves good stories, frequent flier miles, and ice cream—he even orders broccoli a la mode.

He serves as senior pastor of the College Church at Walla Walla College. He is also the founding and lead pastor of a collegiate alternative church option called The Improv Church. Karl is founding pastor of North Creek Christian Fellowship (Bothell, WA) and the Church of Acts (Walla Walla, WA).

Karl has BA degrees in theology and business from Walla Walla College, a Masters of Divinity degree from Andrews University, and a Masters of Business Administration from Pacific Luthern University. He also has a Ph.D. in Leadership.

Karl hosts a weekly broadcast on Positive Life Radio and is author of several books, including Pilgrim’s Problems, The Cure for the Last Daze, Out of the Hot Tub, The Cure for Soul Fatigue, Diaper University, I’d Rather Kiss a Catfish, and Peace Like a Spider. He has written hundreds of articles published in many different journals and currently writes regular columns for: Insight, Gleaner, and Perspective Digest. Karl travels whenever he can and preaches wherever he can. He is amazed daily by God’s acceptance and is committed to communicating that grace to others.