All your favorite kids songs from the Atlantic Union Quartet.

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One Voice
ONE VOICE is a group of young men that have dedicated themselves to spreading the good news of Jesus’ soon coming. Their mission is to lift Jesus up, and to praise and glorify His name. At the present, this a cappella quintet is an outreach program of Atlantic Union College (AUC) in South Lancaster, MA.

ONE VOICE is accepted and anticipated wherever they go. The group has traveled widely, and has appeared on Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3-ABN). They minister with a wide variety of music, from traditional to contemporary, but no matter what the style, all their music has one purpose—to point the listener to truth and to a deeper relationship with our Father in heaven.

The group members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and are all dedicated Christian young men located on the campus of AUC. Listed here is a small vignette for each of the young men:

•Sean Parker, our bass, is head of the computer information systems department at AUC.

•Bradley Booth, is a professor in the education/ psychology dept. at AUC. He sings Baritone/Bass.

•Heath Townsend, is a student of business administration and psychology, and sings Baritone.

•David Berthiaume, is the Second tenor of the group, and is a student of Theology.

•Nick Montour, is a theology student and psychology major at AUC. He is the group’s First Tenor.