Charles Mills
Charles Mills owns and operates Christian Communications, a media production service based in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. He hosts three weekly radio shows. He is the author of more than 30 books and over 300 articles. His writing has appeared in most Seventh-day Adventist publications as well as computer, aviation, and photography trade magazines.

The son of missionary parents, Mills has traveled the world, living within a rich blend of cultures in both the Far and Middle East. When writing, his goal is to always paint new and vibrant portraits of Jesus, revealing the Savior's love beyond the constraints of traditional Christian thought.

A 1973 graduate of Southern Missionary College, Mills says, "It's sobering to think that I can sit at my computer and write books, articles, scripts, or marketing materials that will be read worldwide. I continually pray that God will provide exactly the words the Holy Spirit needs to touch lives."

Besides writing, producing videos, radio programs, and taking part in communications seminars, Charles enjoys flying, music, bird watching, and spending time with his wife Dorinda.

Charles' most recent releases include the Honors Club series (books for Pathfinders), Shadow Creek Ranch series (12 books for junior-age readers), Echoing God's Love (adult), Eyes of the Crocodile (2001 junior devotional), and God and Me (2002 primary devotional).