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 2002-05-01Southeastern California ABC20020501-secalabc.pdf
 2002-03-14Landmark book released by Pacific Press®
 2002-03-07GC president to visit Pacific Press®20020307-paulsen.pdf
 2002-02-27Pacific Press® supports student mission projects20020227-stdmission.pdf
 2002-02-17The Bible studies are still coming20020217-MNpres.pdf
 2002-01-29Pacific Press® president Bob Kyte reports on recent press fire
 2002-01-23LE meetings at Pacific Press®
 2002-01-23Message from Pacific Press® board chairperson20020123-chairreport.pdf
 2002-01-23Minnesota follow-up20020123-MNfollowup.pdf
 2001-11-30Minnesota mailing report
 2001-10-18Pacific press® and the Minnesota Conference join forces under "Project Minnesota
 2001-10-17PPPA employees contribute to "New York City Project20011017-nyc.pdf
 2001-09-25Pacific Press® and 3ABN respond to America's tragedy20010925-3abn.pdf
 2001-09-17In times like these . . . Pacific Press® has published books that bring hope and understanding20010917-hopebooks.pdf
 2001-08-28A thousand churches and counting20010828-newboxes.pdf
 2001-08-13Three million "pocket-size magazines" distributed20010813-pocketsigns.pdf
 2001-07-16Miguel Valdivia appointment member of the La Voz de la Esperanza board
 2001-07-16Specialty Printing gets new name20010716-specprint.pdf
 2001-07-11Worthington Foods and Pacific Press® announce winners in the "Taste of Goodness" recipe contest20010711-contestwf.pdf
 2001-07-11Chapel® recording artist Judy Wolter-Bailey recipient of seventh Silver Angel award20010711-contestchpl.pdf
 2001-06-06A group from the LDS church publishing house visits Pacific Press®
 2001-05-16One million copies of the special Rapture issue of Signs of the Times distributed
 2001-04-05El Centinela Institute of Training and Evangelism is formed at Pacific Press®20010405-elcenttrain.pdf
 2001-03-27Printer's ink and veggie burgers: Adventist memories20010327-ink.pdf
 2001-01-18Marvin Moore to train laymen on how to present end-time events20010118-moore.pdf
 2001-01-12Worthington Foods issues a call for entries in the "Taste of Goodness" recipe contest
 2001-01-04Signs of the Times magazine launches new radio ministry20010104-signsradio.pdf
 2000-12-19Left Behind20001219-leftbehind.pdf
 2000-12-13Signs of the Times newsbox update — 1990-2000 a brief history20001213-newsbox.pdf
 2000-10-19Pacific Press® is committed to producing life-changing and soul-winning materials20001019-various.pdf
 2000-10-16Susan Harvey, vice president of marketing at Pacific Press®, reports on www.adventistbookcenter.com20001016-abccom.pdf
 2000-09-05Pacific Press® reports both financial progress and continuing commitment to mission(1)20000905-mission.pdf
 2000-08-07Pacific Press® now publishes Revista Adventista® in full color20000807-revista.pdf
 2000-07-20Pacific Press® authors and Chapel Music® recording artists are well received in Toronto, Canada at General Conference 57th Session.(1)20000720-gcsession.pdf
 2000-07-17Aeolians choir of Oakwood College sign distribution contract with Chapel® Music(1)20000717-aeolians.pdf
 2000-05-01Pacific Press® and Signs of the Times® plans wide outreach distribution to the city of Toronto with a special GC-2000 edition of Signs of the Times®20000501-toronto.pdf
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