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Loving Well

Devotional for Monday, February 08, 2016
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It is a fact that most people cannot understand or experience the love of God apart from other people. To begin with, anyway. It has to be reflected to them from the mirror of another life before it becomes real to them and before they can respond to it.

     Can you see why it is such a serious thing when one of us fails at loving another person well? It may cause the very credibility of the existence and love of God to be diminished for them. The challenge is to get on with the supreme task of bringing the gospel - the good news about a God of love - to a generation that does not know what love is. In this final hour we must help people experience this sort of love through us indepth. We cannot, we must not, fail at loving people well.

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FROM Living God's Love by Douglas Cooper, pp. 8, 9.

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