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Devotional for Thursday, January 04, 2018
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The Bible gives some interesting examples of people who allowed themselves to be overcomes by anger. The biblical authors did not sugar-coat things, nor did they pose as infallible heroes. Their defects are all recorded there because God want you to know that there is always hope for those who submit to His will and power.

     In the New Testament, when transformation is mentioned, one of the personalities who most captures our attention is John, also known as one of the "sons of thunder." But time spent with the Master molded the character of this disciple. In a few years, he was no longer a "son of thunder," but instead he was known as "the disciple of love." What was the secret? It is very simple: proximity to Jesus. We do not need to struggle alone. God is the One who is most interested in our inner peace and He offers this blessing to everyone who wants it.

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FROM The Power of Hope by Julian Melgosa and Michelson Borges, pp. 86, 87.

For more information on this book: www.adventistbookcenter.com/the-power-of-hope.html



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