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The Glorious Unseen

The Glorious UnseenLike so many college students have during the course of their studies, The Glorious Unseen’s frontman Ben Crist also struggled with that one big question while attending Nashville’s Belmont University: What am I supposed to do with my life?

Invited by his pastor, Ben began meeting on the weekends with a small group of a dozen or more people, in someone’s living room--the experience certainly wasn’t church as usual. But something authentic was happening there that forever changed the course of Ben’s life. In fact, because of that little community of believers, Crist wound up becoming a worship leader by accident.

“When I showed up, everyone was just really honest—really authentic in direct pursuit of God,” Ben says. “There was no fluff. No schedule. No agenda. We didn’t pass an offering plate. It was refreshing because we were just getting together to connect with God in worship.”

Now under the moniker of The Glorious Unseen, Ben and his band, which includes guitarist Ryan Stubbs, bassist Ben Harms, drummer Jon Todryk and pianist Patrick Copeland, have written a new collection of authentic reflections on the ups and downs of the Christian life.

“I have to sing what’s honest to me,” Ben shares. “And that’s exactly how I write the lyrics. I’m not trying to write corporate worship songs—just my honest thoughts to God, and somehow when that comes out, it’s worshipful.”

The Hope That Lies in You Album CoverThe Hope That Lies in You

Summing up the theme of the album is the hopeful title track, “The Hope That Lies in You.” Serving as a battle cry of optimism in our increasingly pessimistic world, Ben wants to encourage listeners to not to live in fear and isolation—even when the media is saying everything is a disaster.

Download Breathe Life Into Me MP3 by The Glorius Unseen“If you sit and listen to the news, it’s very, very depressing. You feel like you don’t even want to leave your couch because there is no hope outside,” Ben says. “It gets us in a mode of isolation. But when we’re out there worshipping, everything is alive. God is alive—and moving. So I envision this song as a reminder of the hope that lies in us as believers—and the hope that lies in God.”

Find The Glorious Unseen’s music at http://www.thegloriousunseen.com/

Elia King

Elia King“My experience with GODencounters has been unique in that I've been challenged to think about my spirituality as more than a segment of my life, however challenging that might be at times. The temptation for me is to think of one or two days a week as special "God time," and to think of the rest as my own. So I spend my time trying to balance the sacred and secular, the holy and the ordinary. But the reality that I'm still coming to terms with is that the "spiritual" and "non-spiritual" parts of my life affect one another, often more deeply than I realize. My involvement with the GODencounters movement has challenged me to consider the implications of asking Jesus to be the Lord of my entire life - not just the parts that have already been baptized, so to speak.” – Elia King

Less is More album coverLess is More
“Less is More was inspired by all of the clutter in my life - not just physical clutter, but emotional junk as well. I believe that we have an inherent need to chase after more. But we run into trouble (or at least I do), because more often than not, we chase things that are fleeting or that are ultimately of very little value. We convince ourselves that by having the right house or car or job, we can heal (or at least soothe) the brokenness of our souls. But when our stuff breaks, we find ourselves at a loss. Less is More is about learning to be less self-sufficient in order to see that God has more in store for us than we could ever imagine.” Download Less is More MP3 by Elia King

“Reaching is a song about learning to be faithful. Encountering God, is a journey in trust. It's about trusting God's plans for us even when we can't see beyond our own failure (or success, for that matter). It's about recognizing that where we are is not where we're meant to stay, and that in order to get to where we should be, we may need to leave some things behind. It's a song about surrender and hope.” Download Reaching MP3 by Elia King

Find Elia King’s music at http://www.eliaking.com/music.php

Maria Long

Maria Long“I believe that GODencounters are vital in order to help us realize that our lives are not about us! Too often we get caught up in our own lives and we miss out on the opportunity of experiencing God's power and presence firsthand. I am thankful for the GODencounters movement because it reminds me of my need for GOD and the importance of spending time with Him 24/7.” – Maria Long

Maria Long Here With Me album coverHere With Me
“This world was never meant to be our home. God never promised that we would be happy here or that we would have the perfect life. But He does promise that no matter how tough it gets, no matter what you're struggling with, no matter how empty and hopeless you feel, He will be there with you through it! This song is about acknowledging your need for God and realizing that He will never leave you nor forsake you!”Download Here With Me MP by Maria Long

Find Maria Long's music at http://www.marialong.com


WORSHIProject“Whether it was sitting and listening to the messages, praising God with other worshipers in song, or leading worship ourselves on stage, GODencounters has been an integral part of our spiritual walk. What GODencounters manages to do is help the worshiper realize that this kind of encounter, this invasion into our private little world, this inescapable response begging to be freed from the depths of our souls, is something we can actually experience 24 hours a day…7 days a week. A 24/7 connection with Jesus. Seriously. GODencounters is an exploding collage of loud and colorful flashes revealing GODLY relevance, reverence and revolution, and we are honored to somehow be a part of such a tremendous and spiritually earth-shattering movement.” – WORSHIProject

WORSHIProject album coverYou're the Only One, from the live: from the trailer EP, is the story of the prodigal son or daughter which has lived, at one time or another, inside all of us. The Bible says in the 14th Psalm “we have all turned away,” that “not one does good, not a single one.” But the Bible also says that the prodigal son came back. It also says that before he even finished confessing his sin, his Father forgave him. The song speaks of sin knocking at our door, God being the one who forgives the sin, God being the one who wipes the stain, God being the only One who has given us life.Download You're the Only One MP by WORSHIProject

Find WORSHIProject’s music at http://www.worshiproject.com/

Aaron Beaumont

Aaron Beaumont“I’ve been part of GODencounters since its inception, including participating in the first five GODencounters conferences. In my own life this movement presided over a necessary and timely shift away from an obsessive dogma of correctness, defensibility, and explain-ability as points of arrival, and towards the celebration of mystery and the appreciation of silence—towards listening, towards searching, towards the margins, towards the smaller things, the weaker things, the whisper that’s always behind the disorderly noise. These aspects of the GODencounters movement continue to create movement in my life, and have led me into a community that shares in this passionate pursuit of the living GOD.” – Aaron Beaumont

Not Even Goodbye Album coverAaron has poured his heart and soul into his debut full-length release, nothing's forever (Not Even Goodbye). A synthesis of early 20th century piano-roll influences and melodic lines, the music suggests glimpses of the Beatles, Tom Waits, Ben Folds, and Elliott Smith. This Superb 10-track release represents a piano-centered aesthetic that is immediately clear in its first listen - daring, refreshing, and authentic.

Aaron shares original compositions with GODencounters found only here:

Aaron by Lake MichiganRun Away With Me
GODencounters embraces faith fostered in GOD’s mystery. This song celebrates the adventure of the unknown and the endless possibilities in store for anyone bold enough to take the road less traveled by.  Download Run Away With Me MP by Aaron Beaumont

Aaron at a coffee houseLove Will Surprise You
We serve a GOD that dares to define and embody love. This song expresses my observations about the transformational and instructional power of love.

Find Aaron’s music at http://www.aaronbeaumont.com/

REBORN, Praise & Worship Band

Reborn Group image“GODencounters has been such a wonderful blessing to us. Having the opportunity to learn, experience, and really worship Jesus in a GOD-centered environment has been life changing. GODencounters: Pursuing a 24/7 Experience of Jesus lets you take the blessing home to your real life; that’s incredibly exciting. We’ve all been called by His Spirit into a reckless, unending encounter with our Savior, Redeemer... our Friend. Your call is here. Your call is now. Be prepared to experience a GODencounter.” - REBORN, Praise & Worship Band

The Call album coverSpirit Call [From The Call] reflects the true desire of the heart to worship his Creator. Though we may run, hide, and find temporary distractions in worldly pleasures, in the end, our soul recognizes the need for a Savior—Our need to encounter Him. It is at this moment when you make the most important call of your life, the call for the Holy Spirit to take over and empower your soul.”Download Spirit Call MP by REBORN from the album The Call

Find REBORN’s music at http://rebornworship.com

Garage Voice

Garage Voice band image“Young adults often leave the church, saying, ‘Christianity has nothing to offer me,’ when in fact it is the culture of Christianity that has let them down—rather than a life-changing encounter with Christ. The most exciting thing about the GODencounters movement is the way it challenges young people to fully engage with Christ; to spend time in the Word and in prayer; to have Christ become a part of their thoughts—and who they are. Equally important is the realization that Christ is coming soon and that there is work to be done. If young people connect with this truth, it will shape their life purpose, and set Christ free to work in their lives.” - Bruce Pearson, 23, Musician: Garage Voice.

Let Us Reconcile album coverInspired by the chapter from Steps to Christ with the same name, Repentance [From Let us Reconcile] captures the joy that can be found in true repentance. Every time I hear the Word of Love/The love of God just blows my mind/ Tells me I can be confident His love is really enough.  Download Repentance MP by Garage Voice from the album Let us Reconcile
Mercy Came a Runnin' [From Let us Reconcile] begins with a quiet, a capella intro that moves into a bluesy rendition of the prodigal son’s story. Add a touch of gospel for a powerful song that’ll keep you remembering it long after it’s finished playing.Download Mercy Came a Runnin' MP byGarage Voice from the album Let us Reconcile
All To Pieces [From Let us Reconcile] has a folk feel to it, with its rich acoustic guitar work and warm melody. Lyrically, the song examines the sacrifice of Christ on our behalf: The blood of One took it all away, and goes on to ask Christ’s probing question: Who do you say I am?Download All To Pieces MP by Garage Voice from the album Let us Reconcile

Find Garage Voice’s music at: http://www.garagevoice.com.

Aaron Roche

Aaron Roche Image“As for GODencounters,this revolution is a quiet one. It can be found everywhere, everyday. It's knowing your neighbors; it's a letter to a lonely friend; it's a good word at the right time. It's opening the door for someone; it's siding with the poor; it's rejoicing in the success of others. It's poetry, music, science, achievements, failures. It is encountering GOD together in the time we have been given. When we become aware of the profound workings of eternity in the light of the common day, our hearts cry out to the Author of all things and with eyes as wide as childrens' and arms as wide as grandparents', we experience GODencounters.” - Aaron Roche, 25, Songwriter/Musician

Already, Not Yet album coverThe Man I Want To Be [from Aaron Roche’s debut CD, Already, Not Yet] “The man I want to be. . . Full of grace, like the fox who makes more tracks than necessary, some in the wrong direction. Encountering GOD in the wood. Oh the joys of practicing resurrection.” Download The Man I Want To Be MP by Aaron Roche from the album Already, Not Yet

Find Aaron Roche’s music at http://www.myspace.com/aaronroche.

GODEncounters Free Music Downloads

Scott Reed image“I’m so grateful for GODencounters: Pursuing a 24/7 Experience of Jesus. . . Giving a voice to those who have been changed by the presence and power of GOD sets many others free! GODencounters understands that it’s a process of equipping disciples and experience that strengthens and emboldens the men and women of GOD to make an impact right where they are.” - Scott Reed, Worship Pastor & Artist

In Awe of You album coverBe Where You Are [From In Awe of You], Psalm 27:4 says, “one thing I ask and this is what I seek, that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life...” This song is a prayer and a declaration that says, Lord, in your house is where I always want to be. I’m seeking a 24/7 experience of You.  Download Be Where You Are by Scott Reed from album In Awe of You


The Life I Live album coverWelcome in This Place [From The Life I Live] God tells us that no matter what, He’ll never leave us or forsake us. So, He’s always with us... We don’t even have to ask. But, what He does require of us is to get our hearts and our lives and bodies in a place where we are “welcoming” what He wants to give us. We’re invited to encounter a very present GOD. We don’t need to ask Him to come – He’s already here – but we do need to humble ourselves, lift our lives to Him and say, “do whatever you want in me... You’re welcome here”!  Download Welcome in This Place by Scott Reed from album The Life I Live

The Sound We Make [From The Life I Live] There’s something about worshiping together that brings a power that we don’t get on our own. God loves to hear people cry out and sing out in worship and praise privately, but if that’s all we ever do, we’d miss out on a unique refreshing from God’s Spirit. Coming together with other GODfollowers and making a Sound of praise together changes us and our circumstances like nothing else can.  Download The Sound We Make by Scott Reed from album The Life I Live

Find Scott Reed’s music at http://www.myspace.com/scottreedworship also available on iTunes.