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Writer's Guidelines


  1. Four to five pages of letter size, computerized, double spaced (27 lines per page, 75 characters per line). If possible, use Word or Word Perfect.
  2. In both the form and content, keep in mind that the magazine is aimed at non-Adventist public.
  3. The article must include the name of the author, the position he performs and his address.


  1. Religious news (ecumenism, New Age, gift of tongues, false miracles, dissemination of the Bible, etc.).
  2. Topics of social, economic and political relevance that indicate the need of God, and that show the fulfillment of the prophecies and the imminence of the return of Christ. Along with the problems, offer the biblical solution.
  3. Basic doctrines of the church presented in a positive, Christocentric way, with its application in the individual, family and collective sphere (avoid controversial or dogmatic tone).
  4. Stories of conversion, of answered prayers, of accident protection, or that illustrate the Christian virtues (faith, patience, courtesy, self-control, etc.), ensuring the authenticity of the facts.
  5. Articles on the home.
  6. Topics for young people: ideals, personality formation, self-image, friendships, youth problems, courtship, etc. (It is convenient to include illustrations and anecdotes).
  7. Articles on health, temperance and disease prevention.


  1. Investigate the subject carefully.
  2. Choose simple and understandable words, avoiding denominational phraseology.
  3. Use the revised Reina-Valera version of 1960, unless it is imperative to use another version for reasons of doctrinal orthodoxy.
  4. Avoid long sentences and very long paragraphs, and vary their length.
  5. Develop ideas in an entertaining and logical way.
  6. Give the article a practical and optimistic approach.


  1. El Centinela® will pay between $100 and $150 per item published. This payment includes electronic rights, since some articles are placed on the website.
  2. The writing of the journal reserves the right to publish or not the article, and to correct or shorten it to meet editorial needs. If possible, before writing the article consult with the editor of the magazine.
  3. Send to:

    Ricardo Bentancur, El Centinela Editor
    Pacific Press Publishing Association
    P.O. Box 5353
    Nampa, ID 83653-5353

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