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Missionaries being chased by bandits, prize‐winning horses, a cow so smart she seems almost human—where can you find all these amazing and exciting things? In the world of books, of course! Reading is Fun! And more than that, all the books from Pacific Press® teach Adventist beliefs and values, too. Check out these exciting books. And incidentally, all of these books are in the Reading is Fun! program. That means there are quizzes provided for each one, so teachers, you can use them in your reading program at school.

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Parents and teachers, if you have questions about the quizzes or the Reading is fun! program send an e‐mail to Doug Church.

Reading is Fun Quizzes

Reading Level:  1-4 5-8 9-12 All

QuizLevelsBook TitleAuthorPurchase URL
 101 Questions About Ellen White (E.G.White Estate)-quiz.doc9-12101 Questions About Ellen WhiteE.G.White Estate
 20 Questions God Wants To Ask You (Troy Fitzgerald)-quiz.doc9-1220 Questions God Wants To Ask YouTroy Fitzgerald
 4GVN (Willy Ramos)-quiz.doc9-124GVNWilly Ramos
 Abandoned but not Alone (John Lomacang)-quiz.doc9-12Abandoned but not AloneJohn Lomacang
 Abigails Dream (Kay D. Rizzo)-quiz.docx9-12Abigail's Dream, Book 5 Serenity Inn SeriesKay D. Rozzo
 Adventures in Galilee (Bradley Booth)-quiz.docx5-8Adventures in GalileeBradley Booth
 Against All Odds (Kari Paulsen)-quiz.docx9-12Against All OddsKari Paulsen
 Test.docx1-4Alice, An Adventist Girl, Book 1Sandy Zaugg
 Alice, An Adventist Girl, Book 2 (Sandy Zaugg)-quiz.doc1-4Alice, An Adventist Girl, Book 2Sandy Zaugg
 Alice, An Adventist Girl, Book 3 (Sandy Zaugg)-quiz.doc1-4Alice, An Adventist Girl, Book 3Sandy Zaugg
 Alice, An Adventist Girl, Book 4 (Sandy Zaugg)-quiz.doc1-4Alice, An Adventist Girl, Book 4Sandy Zaugg
 Amazing True Mission Stories (J. H. Zachary)-quiz.doc5-8,9-12Amazing True Mission StoriesJ. H. Zachary
 Amelia, the Flying Squirrel (Joe L. Wheeler, compiler and editor)-quiz.doc5-8,9-12Amelia, the Flying SquirrelJoe L. Wheeler, compiler and editor
 Annes Trust (Kay D. Rizzo)-quiz.docxAnne's TrustKay D. Rizzo
 Any Sacrifice but Conscience (Walter Utt)-quiz.doc9-12Any Sacrifice but ConscienceWalter Utt
 Backstage Pass (Naomi Striemer)-quiz.docx9-12Backstage PassNaomi Striemer
 Bandit of Benson Park, The (Charles Mills)-quiz.doc5-8Bandit of Benson Park, TheCharles Mills
 Bathsheba (Tracy Morgan)-quiz.doc9-12BathshebaTracy Morgan
 (2)Test.docx1-4Beanie the Horse That Wasn't a HorseHeather Grovet
 Beginning Of The End (Ellen G. White)-quiz.doc9-12Beginning Of The EndEllen G. White
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