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Los Devocionales diarios le brindan mensajes diarios breves, potentes y edificantes, extraídos de una variedad de obras escritas por los adventistas.

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The Prayer

Daniel came before the king, and pleaded for time to bring this matter before the supreme court of the universe, from whose decision there could be no appeal. When his request was granted, Daniel laid the whole matter before his companions, who were united with him in worshiping the true God. The matter was fully considered, and on their bended knees they pleaded that God would give them the power and wisdom that would alone avail them in their great necessity.

?Then was the secret revealed unto Daniel in a night vision. Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven.? . . . I would impress upon the youth that Daniel?s God is their God, and whatever difficulty may arise, let them do as did Daniel, ?desire mercies of the God of heaven.?

God will not fail His church in the hour of her greatest peril. He has promised deliverance.?Sons and Daughters of God, p. 216.

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Forgiven, Healed - It's all the same

There is no question that many people today stress themselves into sickness. The pressure of family and work, the need to suc­ceed, the drive to keep up with the neighbors?all these things lead to heart attacks, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and many other illnesses. Some doctors even consider stress one of the leading causes of cancer.

And nothing causes more stress than unresolved guilt. We?ve all stumbled into one or another of life?s messes? sometimes from one to another. We lie to our friends, we cheat on our taxes, or we steal from our employers. We eat or drink the wrong things and injure our health. We fill our minds with trivia or trash, and then have no time or energy for God.

We carry around the burden of having failed: as parents when our kids act out; as husbands or wives when we neglect the one we claim to love; as Christians, when we lash out angrily in traffic or in line at the grocery store.

We carry a burden of guilt because we are guilty. We?ve sinned and fallen short of what would bring God glory. And every day, we suffer because of it. We struggle with depression or anger. We seek help from mood-enhancers: chocolate, burritos, alcohol, television, and drugs both legal and illegal.

We?re sick, but what we need more than physical healing is the same thing the paralyzed man needed. We need a miracle. We need to hear those same words from Jesus: ?Your sins are forgiven.?

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Safeguarding Our Set-Apart Time

If you find your devotional time interrupted by thoughts of your long to-do list or other unrelated thoughts, instead of feeling guilty, just take a second and jot them down on a separate sheet of paper so that you can remember them after your devotional time is over.

Admittedly, for those with young children, finding quality time alone is always a struggle. If you can?t manage to wake up before your children do, or you don?t have help from a spouse in giving you some undistracted quiet time, just do the best you can with what time you have. It may not be ideal, but remember that God always honors our sincere efforts. Even if it?s just a few minutes here and there, He can multiply the blessing just as He multiplied the loaves and fishes.

On the other hand, if our lack of quality devotional time is due to laziness or mismanaged priorities, we shouldn?t expect God to make up the difference. He?s asking us to put Him first, not just in theory but literally. Once we start doing this, every-thing else in our day will fit together!

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His Sonship

It is such a blessing to have godly parents. My parents were a constant source of support for me, which they manifested in so many ways, lavishing me with unconditional and unwavering love. I still remember when I graduated with my first master?s degree. My dad had been diagnosed with stomach cancer and was about to have a major surgery. Still, he insisted on attending my graduation, in spite of his failing health, because he knew how much his presence meant to me. Now that they are no longer alive, I like to re­read the notes of encouragement that my parents used to send me, telling me of their love and support.

God made sure Jesus knew of His support and love. After Jesus? baptism, we find one of the most amazing scenes in the New Testament, one in which the Trinity is manifested. The Spirit comes upon Jesus, and a Voice from heaven speaks, asserting God?s view of Jesus in a heavenly revelation of His identity: ?This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well­pleased? (Matthew 3:17). . . .

When a person accepts Jesus as their Savior, they become beloved in the Beloved. In Him, we are the beloved children of God: ?See how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we would be called children of God? (1 John 3:1). . . . When we are in Jesus, we know with certainty God?s view of us: we are His beloved children, and He delights in us!

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Facing the Future with Confidence

The Bible?s Message of Hope

  There are certain biblical truths that need to be repeated again and again and never pushed into the background for the sake of novelty. They are eternal revelations of God?s plan for this planet?s future. The predictions of the biblical prophets have rung true throughout the centuries. We can have confidence in their predictions regarding the future. Although Bible prophecy predicts a coming time of trouble, beyond this trying time God?s Word reveals that a bright new world will replace this sin- polluted planet.

  The Greeks spoke of ?time which wipes things out,? as if the mind were a slate and time an eraser. The passage of time often leads us to forget the eternal truths of a past generation. This is precisely why throughout Scripture the great truths are repeated again and again, lest we forget. We do not need something new as much as we need to be reminded of the ancient truths of Scripture that give meaning and purpose to all our lives.

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The Face of God in "I am Your God and You Are My People"

The Face of God


?I Am Your God and You Are My People?

When God says, ?I am your God and you are My people,? we see a deity whose face remains continually turned toward earth and the human beings He created to live here. The eternal God who dwells in a high and holy place lost His heart to His creation. After the majority of humanity rebelled against Him, He chose one man, faithful Abraham, and promised him that through his descendants the world would be turned right again.

Throughout Scripture we find God repeating again and again the very same covenant of love that He made to Adam and Eve in Eden. Noah, Enoch, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, Daniel, and others like them?and finally the Son of God Himself?lived out before the world aspects of the covenant response that God so desired from all His created beings.

We see God in person in Jesus Christ while He was a human being like ourselves. How impossible?but true! When we see the life Jesus exhibited as a human being, we long to live like that too. We see His patience in training the 12 disciples to become His representatives?His priests in worship, intercession, service, teaching?and learn that we too are to be priests in the same type of ministry. Then when the leadership of the people He first chose to reveal His character to the world rebelled, He renewed His everlasting covenant to the worldwide Christian church?same promises, same joyful reality.

Throughout Scripture we see a triune God who wants to live in us and invites us to live in Him. He wants to walk every step of our pathway with us, talk with us daily. The life and death of Jesus guarantees that everyone who chooses eternal life can have it.

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From Reading to Understanding

From Reading to Understanding

The book of Daniel begins in the ashes of exile and closes with the glory of resurrection. One message rings forth throughout: despite the evil powers that oppose Him and persecute His people, God stands sovereign over the kingdoms of the world and watches over His people. Kings and despots ascend to power and pass away, but in the end the Prince of Peace obliterates the earthly powers and sets up a kingdom based on righteousness. Thus, no matter how complex certain portions of the book may be, one truth emerges loud and clear: Jesus wins.

Studying the book of Daniel is an exciting adventure, requiring a great deal of wisdom and understanding. Indeed, Daniel himself prays for understanding. Lack of understanding makes him feel faint and sick for a time. But the angel interpreter arrives to explain aspects of the divine message that require clarification. As you study the book of Daniel, you may feel like the prophet, longing for better understanding of passages that seem difficult and obscure. In this regard, you may benefit from the scholarship of Adventist interpreters who have studied the book and explained its truths. The present volume is a modest contribution to this end.

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Final Exam

  God will use men who are willing to be used. It is not the most brilliant or the most talented persons whose work produces the great­est and most lasting results. Men and women are needed who have heard a message from heaven. The most effective workers are those who respond to the invitation, ?Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me.? Matthew 11:29. . . .

  If those to whom God has entrusted great talents of intellect put these gifts to a selfish use, they will be left, after a period of trial, to follow their own way. God will take men who do not appear to be so richly endowed, who have not large self-confidence, and He will make the weak strong, because they trust in Him to do for them that which they cannot do for themselves. God will accept the whole­hearted service, and will Himself make up the deficiencies.

  The Lord has often chosen for His colaborers men who have had opportunity to obtain but a limited school education. These men have applied their powers most diligently, and the Lord has rewarded their fidelity to His work, their industry, their thirst for knowledge. He has witnessed their tears and heard their prayers. As His blessing came to the captives in the courts of Babylon, so does He give wisdom and knowledge to His workers today.?The Ministry of Healing, p. 150.

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Our Daily Bread

To ask God for our sustenance is not only necessary but noble.

I have not seen the righteous forsaken

or his children begging bread (Psalm 37:25).

This is not just a conviction held by David, it is a divine promise. God moves in the world, lavishing it with blessings. God?s desire is for our spiritual well-being as well as our material well-being. It is worth noting that this petition for our daily bread comes after hallowing God?s name. The believer who sancti?es His name can expect to receive the daily bread, but he doesn?t live by or for that bread alone:

?Man shall not live by bread alone,

but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God? (Matthew 4:4).

We may really need some bread, or perhaps we hope for greater prosperity in our lives, but unless we ?rst sanctify God?s name, we will live out our lives in this world simply seeking to satisfy our basic needs?a very elementary standard by which to live. Even prosperity is not necessarily a sign of divine blessing. Often, wealth and prosperity are signs of moral decay. The very phrase ?Give us our daily bread? tells us in e?ect, ?Su?cient unto the day is the evil thereof.? Each day signi?es what is su?cient for today.

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Fullness of Health

God?s health principles are simple and natural. If we obey them, we can add life to our years and years to our life. Through faith, the supernatural interacts with the natural. Along with salvation, God gives us health.

We cannot easily grasp that health and salvation are the same thing because in our minds we separate the natural order from the supernatural. We think of health as a matter of body and mind that has more to do with medicine, doc-tors, and hospitals. And we associate salvation with eternal life as promised to believers at the end of this mortal existence. But this division is not an accurate portrayal, for God?s supernatural power is expressed both in the history of mankind and in nature. Quietly, but e?ectively, God acts to bestow health every day. And even more, He works to reconstruct our bodies despite the damage we in?ict on them. The Creator is also the Sustainer of the universe. We are part of that universe. Most of the church faithful did not see the silent but e?ective action of God in the life of Pedro Diaz before his miracle of healing occurred. Due to the fact that they could not see the supernatural action already taking place in Pedro, they were not able to give full credit to his words. But truthfully we can say that you and I, like all creatures, are part of the ?natural order? with which the ?supernatural? graciously interacts. We live in and with nature, never separate from it. The stars above, earth?s ?ora and fauna here below, and all of mankind are God?s creation. And the very power of God that acts to correct man-caused pollution in nature is also at work within us to restore health and to save us.

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?Landmarkianism?: Virtue or Vice?

One of the unfortunate problems of the ancient Jews was that they held on to their traditional teachings so firmly that they could not recognize new light. As a result, they rejected Christ. Ellen White noted that Adventist traditionalists had made the same mistake at Minneapolis and thereafter. Thus some of their leaders had ?become guide-posts pointing in the wrong direction.? They had ?hugged? their traditional teachings ?to their hearts? until they had ?become to them as precious fundamental doctrines.? Furthermore, they had ?come to think that if they let them go, the foundations of their faith? would ?be destroyed.?

It has been one of the greatest tragedies down through church history that men and women have continued to manufacture new landmarks in their attempt to protect the distinctiveness of the faith handed down by their spiritual forebears. While the motives behind such actions may be positive, the result has too often been negative and divisive, since the landmark-creating process tends to point to a particular group?s tradition (especially one that may be challenged or questioned at a particular moment in history) rather than to the Bible. The Bible, in fact, often becomes a threat to the traditionalists as a new generation of reformers seeks to resurrect truths that are more basic than their traditions. In the face of doctrinal change the traditionalists often lose perspective and magnify ?mere molehills? into ?mountains.? . . .

The great landmarkian pillars of evangelical Christianity and Seventh-day Adventism are important to the identity of the denomination. Defending such landmarks is a virtue. On the other hand, the emotional atmosphere surrounding the defense of the seemingly never-ending stream of man-made landmarks merely obscures identity and diverts the energy of the denomination as its theological gladiators aim their weapons at one another.

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Spring Up, O Well!

Now the springs of the deep and the floodgates of the heavens had been closed, and the rain had stopped falling from the sky. Genesis 8:2.

The springs of the deep and the floodgates of the heavens had been closed?and was Noah glad! He?d been in the ark a long time and was ready to get on some dry land. Where had all that water come from? Well, some came from above?rain; and some came from below?springs. Did you know that there is water under the earth?

Have you ever thought about where water goes when it rains? There aren?t very many places it can go. Much of it soaks into the ground and sinks into little tunnels and caves underground. But all that water doesn?t stay underground forever. It comes up again in different places all around the world. Sometimes it bubbles up slowly and makes an above-ground river. Sometimes it comes out of the ground with such force that it shoots many feet into the air. Then it?s called a geyser.

When it was time for the Flood to end, God just closed up the earth so the springs wouldn?t flow anymore. God is so powerful; imagine what He can do for you. Why don?t you ask Him today to help you be a spring of His love?

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