Lets Talk

Lets Talk with the church's young people

Let's Talk

"There will be no church of the future without the creative presence and engagement today of those who are young."

- Jan Paulsen -

Under-thirty-five-year-olds make up more than 50 percent of the church membership. They represent an almost endless supply of ideas, talents, and energy. Tragically, too many are walking away. Let's Talk is a starting point for cross-generational dialogue within our own family, school, and church.


Each of the FREE PowerPoint files below includes a short video by Elder Jan Paulsen introducing the week's topic, followed by the "Conversation Starters" which are found at the end of the chapter.

Copies of Let's Talk are available at your local Adventist Book Center. You can order books at (800) 765-6955 or online at www.AdventistBookCenter.com.

The following resources are available as downloads to make your small group discussion time even more effective:

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