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Are you looking to start a relationship with God?

Or perhaps you're looking to deepen your relationship with God.

Do you have a friend who wants to know God?

Are there those in your church who are longing to know God better?

To Know God: A 5-Day Plan by Morris Venden is just the book you need.

Since it was first published in the early 1980s, this book has been the instrument to lead tens of thousands of individuals around the world into a saving relationship with God. And, many have grasped righteousness by faith in their spiritual experience through reading this book. This little book is classic Venden—a practical guide to making God a Friend who is a daily part of your everyday life.

Now just reprinted—and available at your Adventist Book Center and ONLINE—you can use this book:

  • For personal devotional reading.
  • Small group fellowship.
  • Book Club study.
  • Prayer Meeting study.
  • Sharing with a friend.

Get a copy today—and while you’re at it, pick up two or three copies to share!

Available now:

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