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Missionaries being chased by bandits, prize‐winning horses, a cow so smart she seems almost human—where can you find all these amazing and exciting things? In the world of books, of course! Reading is Fun! And more than that, all the books from Pacific Press® teach Adventist beliefs and values, too. Check out these exciting books. And incidentally, all of these books are in the Reading is Fun! program. That means there are quizzes provided for each one, so teachers, you can use them in your reading program at school.

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Parents and teachers, if you have questions about the quizzes or the Reading is fun! program send an e‐mail to Doug Church.

Reading is Fun Quizzes

Reading Level:  1-4 5-8 9-12 All

Book TitleAuthorLevelsNAD Reading ListQuizPurchase URL
 Secret of the Yellow VanSandy Zaugg1-4NoSecret of the Yellow Van (Sandy Zaugg)-quiz.doc
 Seekers, TheBradley Booth5-8,9-12No9780816363797q.docx
 Serenity's DesireKay D. Rizzo9-12Serenitys Desire (Kay D. Rizzo)-quiz.doc
 Serenity's Quest (Book 2 in Serenity Series)Kay D. RizzoSerenitys Quest (Book 2 Serenity Inn Series) (Kay D. Rizzo)-quiz.doc
 Serious About LoveKay Kuzma9-12Serious About Love (Kay Kuzma)-quiz.doc
 Serpent Scroll, TheDavid Edgren5-8,9-12NoSerpent Scroll, The (David Edgren)-quiz.doc
 Set FreeMichael Harris/James Ponder9-12NoSet Free (Michael Harris-James Ponder)-quiz.doc
 Seventh Escape, TheJan Doward5-8,9-12NoSeventh Escape, The (Jan Doward)-quiz.docx
 Shepherd WarriorBradley Booth5-8Shepherd Warrior (Bradley Booth)-quiz.doc
 Shoebox Kids 01 - The Mysterious Treasure MapGlen Robinson/Jerry D. Thomas1-4NoShoebox Kids 01 - The Mysterious Treasure Map (Glen Robinson-Jerry D. Thomas)-quiz.doc
 Shoebox Kids 02 - The Case of the Secret CodeGlen Robinson/Jerry D. Thomas1-4NoShoebox Kids 02 - The Case of the Secret Code (Glen Robinson-Jerry D. Thomas)-quiz.doc
 Shoebox Kids 03 - Jenny's Cat-napped CatCeleste perrino Walker/Jerry D. Thomas1-4NoShoebox Kids 03 - Jennys Cat-napped Cat (Céleste perrino Walker-Jerry D. Thomas)-quiz.doc
 Shoebox Kids 04 - The Missing Combination MysteryEric Stoffle/Jerry D. Thomas1-4NoShoebox Kids 04 - The Missing Combination Mystery (Eric Stoffle-Jerry D. Thomas)-quiz.doc
 Shoebox Kids 05 - The Broken Dozen MysteryGlen Robinson/Jerry D. Thomas1-4NoShoebox Kids 05 - The Broken Dozen Mystery (Glen Robinson-Jerry D. Thomas)-quiz.doc
 Shoebox Kids 06 - The Wedding Dress DisasterEric Stoffle/Jerry D. Thomas1-4NoShoebox Kids 06 - The Wedding Dress Disaster (Eric Stoffle-Jerry D. Thomas)-quiz.doc
 Shoebox Kids 07 - The Clue in the Secret PassageGlen Robinson/Jerry D. Thomas1-4NoShoebox Kids 07 - The Clue in the Secret Passage (Glen Robinson-Jerry D. Thomas)-quiz.doc
 Shoebox Kids 08 - The Rockslide RescueSandra Zaugg/Jerry D. Thomas1-4NoShoebox Kids 08 - The Rockslide Rescue (Sandra Zaugg-Jerry D. Thomas)-quiz.doc
 Shoebox Kids 09 - The Secret Of the Hidden RoomNancy Speck/Jerry D. Thomas1-4NoShoebox Kids 09 - The Secret Of the Hidden Room (Nancy Speck-Jerry D. Thomas)-quiz.doc
 Shoebox Kids 10 - Adventure on Wild Horse MountainEric Stoffle/Jerry D. Thomas1-4NoShoebox Kids 10 - Adventure on Wild Horse Mountain (Eric Stoffle-Jerry D. Thomas)-quiz.doc
 Shoebox Kids 11 - Rattlesnake River AdventureSandra Zaugg/Jerry D. Thomas1-4NoShoebox Kids 11 - Rattlesnake River Adventure (Sandra Zaugg-Jerry D. Thomas)-quiz.doc
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