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Missionaries being chased by bandits, prize‐winning horses, a cow so smart she seems almost human—where can you find all these amazing and exciting things? In the world of books, of course! Reading is Fun! And more than that, all the books from Pacific Press® teach Adventist beliefs and values, too. Check out these exciting books. And incidentally, all of these books are in the Reading is Fun! program. That means there are quizzes provided for each one, so teachers, you can use them in your reading program at school.

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Parents and teachers, if you have questions about the quizzes or the Reading is fun! program send an e‐mail to Doug Church.

Reading is Fun Quizzes

Reading Level:  1-4 5-8 9-12 All

Book TitleAuthorLevelsQuiz
 Best Ever Mission StoriesCharlotte Ishkanian1-4,5-8(4)Test.docx
 Between Hell and High WaterKay Kuzma and Brenda Walsh9-12Between Hell and High Water (Kay Kuzma and Brenda Walsh)-quiz.doc
 Beyond DefeatJames E. Johnson9-12Beyond Defeat (James E. Johnson)-quiz.doc
 Beyond the Da Vinci CodeRobert K. McIver9-12Beyond the Da Vinci Code (Robert K. McIver)-quiz.doc
 Beyond The Veil Of DarknessEsmie G. Branner5-8,9-12Beyond The Veil Of Darkness (Esmie G. Branner)-quiz.doc
 Blessed are the UnlikiesPhil Dunham9-12Blessed are the Unlikies (Phil Dunham)-quiz.doc
 BlessingsJerry D. Thomas9-12Blessings (Jerry D. Thomas)-quiz.doc
 Blondie's Big Ride Ready 2 Ride Series Book 4Heather Grovet1-4(1)Blondies Big Ride Ready 2 Ride Series Book 4 (Heather Grovet)-quiz.doc
 Boldly BraveKirsten Roggenkamp and Heather Blaire1-4,5-89780816363155q.docx
 Born To PreachHenry Feyerabend9-12Born To Preach (Henry Feyerabend)-quiz.doc
 Called to ServeKen Cox9-12Called to Serve (Ken Cox)-quiz.doc
 Camporee Of DoomSeth J. Pierce5-8Camporee Of Doom (Seth J. Pierce)-quiz.doc
 Cappy the Arctic TernKenneth Crawford1-4Cappy the Arctic Tern (Kenneth Crawford)-quiz.docx
 CenturionRichard Stenbakken5-8,9-12Centurion (Richard Stenbakken)-quiz.doc
 Chains in ChinaBradley Booth5-8,9-12Chains in China (Bradley Booth)-quiz.docx
 Champions of Faith 5V setMerlin L. Neff1-4Champions of Faith 5V set (Merlin L. Neff)-quiz.doc
 Changed "Real Lives in a Real World"Carlos Camacho9-12Changed (Carlos Camacho)-quiz.doc
 Charmed By DarknessRoger Morneau9-12Charmed By Darkness (Roger Morneau)-quiz.docx
 Claims Upon My Heart (Book 3 Chloe Mae Chronicles)Kay D. Rizzo9-12Claims Upon My Heart (Book 3 Chloe Mae Chronicles) (Kay D. Rizzo)-quiz.docx
 ConnectionSteve Case5-8,9-12Connection (Steve Case)-quiz.doc
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