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Missionaries being chased by bandits, prize‐winning horses, a cow so smart she seems almost human—where can you find all these amazing and exciting things? In the world of books, of course! Reading is Fun! And more than that, all the books from Pacific Press® teach Adventist beliefs and values, too. Check out these exciting books. And incidentally, all of these books are in the Reading is Fun! program. That means there are quizzes provided for each one, so teachers, you can use them in your reading program at school.

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Parents and teachers, if you have questions about the quizzes or the Reading is fun! program send an e‐mail to Doug Church.

Reading is Fun Quizzes

Reading Level:  1-4 5-8 9-12 All

Book TitleAuthorLevelsQuiz
 Flight 122Barry Mosier5-8,9-12Flight 122 (Barry Mosier)-quiz.doc
 Flying High - Sonrise Farm Series, Book 3Katy Pistole1-4,5-8(1)Flight 122 (Barry Mosier)-quiz.doc
 For His HonorTerry Johnson with Kay D. Rizzo5-8,9-12For His Honor (Kay D. Rizzo)-quiz.doc
 Friend for Zipper, AHeather Grovet1-4A Friend for Zipper (Heather Grovet)-quiz.doc
 From Hollywood To HeavenSteve Wohlberg5-8,9-12From Hollywood To Heaven (Steve Wohlberg)-quiz.doc
 Fruit of the SpiritKimberly Tagart-Paul1-4Fruit of the Spirit (Kimberly Tagart-Paul)-quiz.docx
 Glimpses Into the Life of Ellen WhiteJim Nix5-8,9-12Glimpses Into the Life of Ellen White (Jim Nix)-quiz.docx
 God Was ThereMartin Weber9-12God Was There (Martin Weber)-quiz.doc
 God's AdventurersRoxy Hoehn1-4Gods Adventurers (Roxy Hoehn)-quiz.doc
 God's Ten PromisesKimberly Tagart-Paul1-4Gods Ten Promises (Kimberly Tagart-Paul)-quiz.doc
 Good As Gold Ready 2 Ride Series book 3Heather Grovet1-4Good as Gold (Heather Grovet)-quiz.doc
 Grandma Ellen and MeMabel R. Miller1-4Grandma Ellen and Me (Mabel R. Miller)-quiz.doc
 Great Sleepy-Time Stew Rescue, TheLori Peckham, Ed.1-4,5-8,9-12Great Sleepy-Time Stew Rescue, The (Charles Mills)-quiz.doc
 Green Cord Dream, TheAlex Bryan9-12Green Cord Dream, The (Alex Bryan)-quiz.docx
 Grounds For BeliefEd Dickerson9-12Grounds For Belief (Ed Dickerson)-quiz.doc
 Guardians of the Mercy SeatBradley Booth5-8,9-12Guardians of the Mercy Seat (Bradley Booth)-quiz.docx
 Guide's Greatest Angel StoriesLori Peckham, Ed5-8Guides Greatest Angel Stories (Lori Peckham, Ed)-quiz.docx
 Guide's Greatest Change of Heart StoriesLori Peckham, Ed5-8Guides Greatest Change of Heart Stories (Lori Peckham, Ed)-quiz.docx
 Guide's Greatest Faith StoriesLori Peckham, Ed.1-4,5-8,9-12Guides Greatest Faith Stories (Lori Peckham, Ed.)-quiz.docx
 Guide's Greatest Funny StoriesLori Peckham, Ed5-8Guides Greatest Funny Stories (Lori Peckham, Ed)-quiz.docx
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