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Missionaries being chased by bandits, prize‐winning horses, a cow so smart she seems almost human—where can you find all these amazing and exciting things? In the world of books, of course! Reading is Fun! And more than that, all the books from Pacific Press® teach Adventist beliefs and values, too. Check out these exciting books. And incidentally, all of these books are in the Reading is Fun! program. That means there are quizzes provided for each one, so teachers, you can use them in your reading program at school.

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Parents and teachers, if you have questions about the quizzes or the Reading is fun! program send an e‐mail to Doug Church.

Reading is Fun Quizzes

Reading Level:  1-4 5-8 9-12 All

Book TitleAuthorLevelsQuiz
 KidnappedGreg Budd5-8,9-12Kidnapped (Greg Budd)-quiz.docx
 Kingdom Scroll, TheDavid Edgren5-8Kingdom Scroll, The (David Edgren)-quiz.doc
 Lamb's ScrollDavid Edgren5-8Lambs Scroll (David Edgren)-quiz.doc
 Lemons To LemonadeSylvia Matiko and Pat Moore9-12Lemons To Lemonade (Sylvia Matiko and Pat Moore)-quiz.doc
 Life Without ParoleRick Fleck9-12Life Without Parole (Rick Fleck)-quiz.doc
 Lilia's Haven (Book 4 Serenity Inn Series)Kay D. Rizzo9-12Lilias Haven (Book 4 Serenity Inn Series) (Kay D. Rizzo)-quiz.doc
 Lord's Prayer Through Primitive Eyes, TheGottfried Oosterwal9-12Lords Prayer Through Primitive Eyes, The (Gottfried Oosterwal)-quiz.doc
 Love Under FireEllen G. White5-8,9-12Love Under Fire (Ellen G. White)-quiz.docx
 Love, KirstenRainey H. Park and Andy Nash9-12Love, Kirsten (Rainey H. Park and Andy Nash)-quiz.doc
 Lucy, the Curiously Comical CowCorrine Vanderwerff1-4Lucy, the Curiously Comical Cow (Corrine Vanderwerff)-quiz.doc
 Malinki of MalawiJosephone C. Edwards1-4,5-8Malinki of Malawi (Josephine Cunnington Edwards)-quiz.docx
 Man Who Couldn't Be Killed, TheStanley Maxwell5-8,9-12Man Who Couldn't Be Killed, The (Stanley Maxwell)-quiz.doc
 Marked Bible, TheCharles L. Taylor5-8,9-12Marked Bible, The (Charles L. Taylor)-quiz.doc
 Mayday Over The ArcticDorothy N. Nelson5-8,9-12Mayday Over The Arctic (Dorothy N. Nelson)-quiz.doc
 MessiahJerry D. Thomas5-8,9-12Messiah (Jerry D. Thomas)-quiz.doc
 Michael Asks WhySally Pierson Dillon5-8Michael Asks Why (Sally Pierson Dillon)-quiz.doc
 Midnight Raccoon Alarm And Other Stories, TheJerry D. Thomas1-4,5-8Midnight Raccoon Alarm And Other Stories, The (Jerry D. Thomas)-quiz.doc
 Miracle on the MountainBradley Booth5-8,9-12Miracle on the Mountain (Bradley Booth)-quiz.docx
 Miracles in Unexpected PlacesStanley Maxwell5-8,9-12Miracles in Unexpected Places (Stanley Maxwell)-quiz.docx
 Miracles of the MantleBradley Booth5-8,9-12Miracles of the Mantle (Bradley Booth)-quiz.doc
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